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a reliable gas cylinder supplier"

Why Orientx?


With more than 3 decades experience in manufacturing pressured equipments, we always keep our promises.

Established in 1988


Carefree Services

With helps from our experienced members, Orientx covers design, development, manufacture, and sale processes.


70+ regions partners

Orientx has been partnered with more than 70 locations & regions' companies. No matter where you from, we are glad to help.


Orientx takes more than 80,000 square meters of floor area. Contains 3 work departments and 21 workshops.

80k+ squaremeters


Orientx has acquired ISO 9001 quality management,

ISO 14001 environmental management, and ISO 45001 occupational health & safety certifications

3 managerial certifications


Onsite Testing Lab

Orientx has testing laboratories for material analysis, quality examinations, and routine inspections.

For more information (for example products certifications), please view about us.
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